We are on the hunt for narratives of everyday life. The type of submissions we are looking for include interviews, short stories (fiction and non-fiction), non-academic essays, profiles, photography, and illustration. We are a global magazine, so all content must transcend ‘place’ and exclude current trends or news, to maintain relevance to readers around the world. There is no theme specific to any issue initially, so don't feel limited by a topic.

Before you submit, we recommend reading our previous issues to familiarize yourself with our brand and tone of voice. We choose to only publish original material, i.e. a first-ever publication that has not appeared on the web or elsewhere in print. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere. Every submission received will be read, but we’re still a small team so your patience is appreciated. You can help us by observing the following guidelines when submitting written work:

Attach your submission as a Word doc. When naming your file, use the title of your piece and your name — that’s best. Include in the submission your contact information, mailing address, bio, and genre of the piece. 

Articles will be published in American English, using The Chicago Manual of Style, including double quotations (“) for quotes, en-dashes for parenthetical dashes, and Oxford commas.

This will vary based on the article, but on average, initial submissions of 600-1,200 words is sufficient.

It is always good practice to have someone review your piece before hitting send, for both our sakes. If your piece is accepted, we will work closely to revise and edit your piece to its final state. 

Please include a brief bio of yourself (and by brief, we mean one or two sentences) including a link to your website/blog and Twitter account.

Until further notice, contributions remain unpaid until advertising revenue builds and can be distributed after production costs are met. 

Please feel free to include visuals (i.e. photos, illustrations) to accompany your article. Chances are, we’ll ask you to employ both sides of your brain to inspire us!

After the issue is released, you may post your piece to your own site, as long as its attributed to Hello Mr. If you wish to re-publish your work in other publications, please notify us prior to the content being reproduced.